Affiliated to CBSE, NewDelhi
Affiliation No: 930092

Mekkad P.O., Angamaly
Ernakulam Dt. Kerala , India

Registration for admission to primary and middle to secondary standards can be done from 1st January of every year. For admission to LKG Class, a pupil must have completed 3 years on 1st June of the school year in which the admission is sought. Similarly the pupil should satisfy the age requirement for other classes. Relevant documents must be produced along with each application for admission, (such as T.C. Original Birth Certificate, Vaccination Certificate etc.)
Admission will be subjected to the availability of seats.
Correct date of birth must be written in the application for admission.
From 1st to Secondary standards if a few seats fall vacant, students seeking admission to those classes shall appear for a written test. Only those children who qualify in the written test shall be called for the interview. Children who do not qualify in the written test shall not be considered again during the year.
Admission shall be offered to children strictly in the order of merit subject to vacancies in a particular standard.
Pupils, coming from other schools are required to bring their tranfer certificates from the school last attended, duly attested by the D.E.O.
The head of the school can deny admission to any student without giving reasons therefore..



Fees should be paid on or before the date stipulated, to the concerned class teachers and receipts obtained on the same day.
Guardians are requested to scretinise the receipts and point out mistakes if any. There is a provision to pay the whole years fees in one instalment in advance.
The name of defaulters of the fee will be struck off from the roll with out further notice and they will not be allowed to sit in the class.
Payment of carefee should be paid before 10th of every month.
Tuition fees shall be deposited in the school office by 10th of every month. School office will receive the fee as follows.

(a) 1st to 10th each month
(b) Defaulters with a fine of Rs.5/- upto 15th of each month and a fine of Rs. 10/- upto 25th each month.
If fees are not paid for two consecutive months, the name of the student will be struck off the rolls.
Fee for the monthe of April will have to be deposited in March and fee for the month of May in June.
All School dues of the year must be cleared, before a pupils is permitted to sit for the final examination.
Any amount once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.

Regular attendance is expected of every student. Request for leave must be noted in the diary and attested by the parents.
Continuous absence for 15 working days without leave renders students liable to be removed from roll.
Prior permission must be taken from the Principal for leaves for more than 3 days.
Medical Certificate should be produced if a pupil is absence for more than 3 days due to illness.
Every pupil is required to put in an attendance of not less than 90% of the total number of working days in the scholastic year.

A pupil caught cheating during Exam, may get a zero for the subject and could be debarred from subsequent examinations or be dismissed.
Pupils who absent themselves from Examinations except for a given reason, will be considered as having failed in the examinations concerned.
Perfect order and discipline should be maintained by students during examinations. 4.Students found guilty of any malpractice will be subjected to stern discilinary action. 5.Promotion of pupil to the higher standard is based on his/her total performance in all tests,Terminal Examination and the Internal Assessment made on various areas. No retest will be given to any pupil who is absent on the day of the test.

Internal Assessment
Home assignment, regularity, accuracy, application in classwork, project work, file work etc. Handwriting, general upkeep of notebooks, test books and class attendance. General behaviour, class cleanliness, dress habits, respect towards teachers and loyality towards the school.

Interest and participation in the co-curricular activities of the school.

The Award of Plus & Minus Marks
With a view of inculcating good and disciplined habits among our students, we encourage and appreciate those who observe school rules and regulations and best habits, we award Plus marks and for misconduct or those who do not observe good get Minus Marks. If a student gets 50 Minus Marks, the guardian is requested to withdraw his son/daughter from the school. These Plus and minus marks are added to annual result of the student.