Affiliated to CBSE, NewDelhi
Affiliation No: 930092

Mekkad P.O., Angamaly
Ernakulam Dt. Kerala , India
Library Rules

Pupils of Class V and above are members of the library.
Members would be given only one book at a time. They can keep the book only for a week.
However the librarian can call for the book at any time.
Reference book should not be taken out of the library.
If a book borrowed is not returned on the due date a fine of Rs. 1/- per day will be levied.
While borrowing books pupils are required to examine them and report to the librarian damages, if any.
Books lost and damaged or carelessly handled will have to be paid for or replaced.
Book borrowed from the library should not be lent to others.
All books should be returned before 1st March, the day fixed for stock taking.
Pupils should maintain a record of all the library books they have read during the year.