Affiliated to CBSE, NewDelhi
Affiliation No: 930092

Mekkad P.O., Angamaly
Ernakulam Dt. Kerala , India
School Bus Services
While waiting for the bus, people should be mindful of good manners and good behaviour, playing at the stops is not allowed.
Pupils must observe queue system to get in to the bus. Pupils should not put their hand or head out while travelling nor should they fight, push or pull in the bus.
Pupils should be courteous, good mannered and well disciplined in the bus. The bigger students must be seee to the seating arrangments of the smaller ones before they are seated.
Bus seats and chassis should not be damaged by tearing the seat cover or dumping the bags on them.
We have a fleet of buses serving around 80% of our students and playing a radius of more than 18 Kilometers, up to class VII are advised to use school buses instead of line bus and private vehicles. Parents are reminded that in case of line bus and private vehicle strike /harthal ward will not be allowed to travel by the school bus due to lack of enough accommodation in the school bus. They have to find their own conveyance to reach the school.
Students must speak English in the bus stops and obey the bus leaders. Students must carry the bus pass daily and show it to the counter whenever asked for
Any student who causes annoyance to other pupils in the bus will be debarred from further use of the bus and will also be liable to further disciplinary action.