Affiliated to CBSE, NewDelhi
Affiliation No: 930092

Mekkad P.O., Angamaly
Ernakulam Dt. Kerala , India
About Us

The first English Medium School at Angamaly

With the help and Co-operation of the social and Cultural workders of the locality, Most revered Swami Gopalananda Theertha in 1978 started Vidhyadhiraja Vidhyabhavan at Angamaly. Owing, to the dedicated and selfness educational activities within a short span of time, this institution could attain unreserved praises from educationalists and such other various persons who belong to different strata of the society. Vidyadhiraja leads our children along the righteous paths of the aims and objectives of desirable education. The support and encouragement received and still receiving, from the public, irrespective of caste, colour, class, creed, the rich or the poor cannot be expressed through words.

Our aims is to impart the best of education with utmost care, love and understanding with a view to instil into the yound minds easily enough, moral and ethical values, strength of character, discipline, national outlook, firmfaith in all religions and abiding spirit of service and sacrifice and thus help and encourage them to develop a healthier and broader out look on life.

Children are given motherly affection.
The seed of nationalism and culture is sown.
Children are given timely advice in connection with natural laws.
A cordial student teacher relationship.
Feeling of extra ordinaty friendship
Freedom to express anything from their little minds.
Personal Attention and proper guidance is given at each stage.
Scientific teaching with the help and co-operation of eminent educationalists.
Quality circles are operated to ensure the quality education. In service course are conducted occasionally to keep the high standard of teaching.

We train our children from their childhood, to help and co-operate one another with out any discrimination. It enables them to keep up the national integrity. We make them understand the meaning of secularism and create a feeling of equality. Thus they dedicate their mind in a pure atmosphere to lead a peaceful life in future. Eventually they are free from communal feeling and unite together to build a true and strong nation. People like this Vidyalaya mainly because of its special feature of non interference in any one's freedom or faith. With its excellent educational infrastucture, well-defined ethics and innovative approach to school education, Vidyadhiraja has become the preferential option for parents who yearn for a meaningful and comprehensive education for their children. The name and fame of Vidyadhiraja, which now has spread far and wide bears testimony ti its credential as a pace setter in the realm of school education.

We are confident that through the patronage of all parents, teachers, students and well-wishers we will be able to attain our target with less effort.